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The Courage to Surrender
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The Self Made Man - Book #2
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The Self Made Man

I am writing a second book that is not intended to heal anyone from addiction or pretend to find a life in recovery. Although there is a theme that addresses medical marijuana from the setting of a business enterprise that uses a weed as its product and has a loosely defined business plan that keeps the craziness together. It is hard to take it seriously with all the character situations and circumstances that give you enough truth and reality until you get into it then the bottom falls out. This book is often funny but scattered with sexual situations that are more heavy breathing that chuckling but take it anyway you like there is something for everyone to enjoy. Some sex will keep you up at night waiting / wanting to find the next sex but before you get there you will change your mood with something laughable. I admit to this being about 80% true as it was taken from my personal experiences many of which I'll tell the best I can to make them more believable. Throughout this book you'll ask yourself truth or fiction often the truth is stranger than fiction but you'll proably conclude who cares as long as you enjoyed it. Like reading the etiquette for hanging around the pool at a nudist colony, while there is was taken seriously, but we laughed until they stared at us. 

Well got to get back to finish the last chapter so I can begin the process of finding a book editor to clean-up my manuscript. It will be a fun job working with me on what is certain to a fun read you'll tell your friends. If you know a publisher, literary agent or book editor let me know there email address and I will take from there.

Thanks for reading the introduction of my second book. At this time the title will be "The Self Made Man". I'm confident that you will have as much fun reading it as I did writing it.


"the courage to surrender is a baby boomer story of recovery from alcohol and drug addiction"