until we were totally broken we didn't ask for help


The Courage to Surrender
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My home is a village in the Adirondack Mountains where New York touches Canada and Vermont. Today I live in the south where the weather is warmer, the language is slower, and the people are very friendly.

I use a pen name to protect the privacy of everyone who might in some way feel emotionally uncomfortable, if they knew they were the focus of a paragraph, or a reference somewhere in the 50 years my book covers.

I received an AA and a BS degree in Mathematics from the New York State University in Brockport. My aptitude for computer technology kicked off an aggressive 40 year career that moved my family several times throughout New England. I liked computer technology from my days creating software to managing projects with many technical people developing systems that had some impact on my company's international manufacturing. I worked in Singapore, Hong Kong, China, the French Riviera, and Europe.

I played sports throughout my life, coached in my kids' sports teams, and served on the administration groups of leagues. Today I swim, play a little golf, and enjoy watching my grandson play baseball and football. My favorite place is the panhandle on the Gulf of Mexico and I prefer swimming to walking, except on the beach, and around the beautiful golf courses where I reside.

My life was very active maintaining the American Dream I built, but it was a façade for a secret life I lived for decades. My alcohol and drug addiction was part of the yuppie sub-culture that I found wherever my job landed me. The substances influenced how I lived my personal and professional lives, until I faced death.

The only way to really know me is to read "The Courage to Surrender" where my life unfolds for everyone to see how I lived, what happened to me, and how I live today. Although my hope is to somehow help one person's journey to sobriety, it is a memoir that lives as part of the baby boomer generation.

My recovery has been miraculous.







"the courage to surrender is a baby boomer story of recovery from alcohol and drug addiction"